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Jenni discusses who is appropriate for in-person vs virtual physiotherapy sessions during COVID-19 and defines “urgent care”.

From the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario
What constitutes urgent care?
This has been a popular question we have been asked. At this time, health professionals, including PTs have been directed by the Ontario government to limit in-person care to when …

Neck and back hurting at the end of the day? Struggling to find a comfortable work set up at home? Jenni (physiotherapist) talks about tips on how to set up your workspace using proper ergonomics. Jenni also provides some easy stretches to help decrease muscle tension.


The response to virtual physiotherapy services has been FANTASTIC! We have received a lot of positive feedback and are seeing great results. Call (905-702-7891) or email (infocusphyio@gmail.com) us today to book your virtual appointment! We are offering vestibular rehabilitation, concussion rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, and orthopaedic rehabilitation virtually

In response to COVID 19 we have had to temporarily close our doors. However, we are now offering virtual physiotherapy services. Do not sit at home and suffer, we can help! Call (905-702-7891) or email (infocusphysio@gmail.com) us and book your virtual physiotherapy appointment today!