Jenni is a Registered Physiotherapist, honours graduate of The University of Toronto and has more than 25 years of experience working in both hospital and private clinic settings. She is the Founder and Director of InFocus Rehabilitation Centre and a lifetime resident of Georgetown.

In 2007 she established InFocus Rehabilitation Centre specifically for the assessment and management of people with vestibular disorders. Since then Jenni has successfully treated over 2500 patients with inner ear impairments and is well respected in the medical community.

Jenni has enjoyed the privilege of teaching vestibular courses to physiotherapists, audiologists and physicians in the GTA and beyond. She has been a guest lecturer at U of T and was asked to teach in Qatar as a part of a U of T initiative in 2015. As well as receiving her vestibular certification at Emory University in Atlanta, Jenni has done many advanced courses and updates.