Osteoporosis Management

InFocus is the only Licensed OsteoCircuit Provider in Halton! OsteoCircuit is a safe, economical and fun way to maintain bone density, improve posture and prevent falls. Please click link below for more information on this fantastic program.


[testimonial title=”Wilma Buligan”]I’ve been coming to InFocus Rehabilitation Centre since December 2018. The owner of InFocus Jenni Veneruz, treated me for my jaw issue and I was very satisfied with her treatments. She’s very caring and knowledgeable. While going there for Physio, I found out they run an exercise program specifically tailored to people with osteopenia- osteoporosis. Best decision ever, since I have osteopenia. This program is run by Kelly Cybulski and I’m enjoying this immensely. All the staff at InFocus are very caring and knowledgeable. From the moment you step into the centre, you just know you’re in good hands. I highly recommend InFocus Rehabilitation Centre. [/testimonial]


[testimonial title=”V Dynes”]I have been going to their osteocircuit program which has resulted in improving my balance, strength and flexibility. They are wonderful![/testimonial]


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